Which Bikini suits your body?

Which Bikini suits your body?

Has it ever happened to you that you buy a swimsuit that looks beautiful, but when you try it on you are horrified by how it looks on you. Here we will show you what type of bikini or swimsuit is perfect for your body shape.

There are lots of type of body shapes but we can classify them in 5 main types:

  • Oval or Apple
  • Hourglass
  • Rectangular
  • Triangle or Pear
  • Inverted Triangle


Oval or Apple

You can try tankinis to highlight the silhouette. Another option is panties or swimsuits with integrated girdles to mark the curves. You should accentuate your hips with patterned panties with side lacing adjustment. A tankini top with a high-waisted brief slims and flattens the abdomen. Here you can see some examples. Click for better details.




This type of body has the advantage that any swimsuit or bikini will suit them, they just have to choose one or another model depending on which part they want to highlight. Here are some perfect examples you might wanna try on. 






If you prefer a swimsuit, opt for one with straps that fit behind the neck and with eye-catching prints. You can also choose to have openings on the sides to simulate the hourglass figure. If you're more into a bikini, choose a small triangle top and side-tie bottoms. Always opt for prints or adornments to add volume to the chest and hips. Here are some examples you could try on.




Triangle or Pear

Bikinis that leave a large part of the chest exposed are the most recommended. For the bottom part, choose high-cut, dark solid colors. Here are some examples you might want to try on. 







Inverted triangle

You should add volume to your hips with panties with embellishments or striking prints. As for the top/bra, very marked necklines and/or with padding in plain tones will favor you. Here are some examples you can try on.